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These all came from our place, or sometimes, if we get a better shot, the neighbors'.
Pinkster, a native azalea
Catalpa - these may be naturalized rather than native. We'll go look it up.
False Indigo - This one we moved from out by the county road to a spot next to the Bluebird House.
Mountain Laurel - The high hills are thick with it. This bush, a rescue, is down by the pond.
Sweet Bay
Passion Flower (Maypop)
Field of Passion
Mottled Trillium
Easter Lilies
Leather Flower (Swamp Clematis)
Swamp Rose Mallow, or Wild Cotton
Button Bush, with beetle lovers for scale
Dwarf Palmetto
Native Wysteria
 Hearts a'bustin' - blooms
Hearts a'bustin'- fruit, and how this one got moved here from the Mystery Plants page.
Forest Giant Falls    Oaks are flowering plants, too.
Bull Thistle - with alien interloper