Waiting Around
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A lot of the fun of the Parade was in the staging area. Doing the last touches on our entry, watching everybody else do theirs,
watching everybody else watching us.
Ready and waiting.
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Santa Coon's Helpers
redladies2.JPG (58785 bytes)
The Undertaker was parked right next to us. We tried                                                                                                                                                                     not to worry..
undertaker1.JPG (65484 bytes)
Just the Facts. If we had known the entry lady was going to let the announcer man read her notes as we passed
  the reviewing stand we might have chosen our words more carefully. Might have.
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Still waiting
readywait2.JPG (55620 bytes)
Some more patiently than others -
that rackitycoonchile started out under her arm.
grannypups.JPG (57295 bytes)
At last, we're ready to roll.
headm-up.JPG (59472 bytes)