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The first Hunt Club workday of 2008 one of the other members borrowed a backhoe from his work. He trusted too much in the
four-wheel drive feature and wound up digging a hole with the backhoe in it. The next Saturday he borrowed a bullldozer to pull
it out and a few of us went along to help. And take pictures.
Here's the rescue and recovery team on the way down to the swamp:
wpe310.jpg (44640 bytes)
wpe311.jpg (49499 bytes)
wpe312.jpg (66252 bytes)
wpe313.jpg (63392 bytes)
wpe314.jpg (71811 bytes)
Three of the coming-out:
wpe315.jpg (63055 bytes)
wpe316.jpg (62143 bytes)
wpe317.jpg (63213 bytes)
The hardest part was that it had to make a turn around these little gum trees.
wpe318.jpg (48042 bytes)
But finally, and with much relief, the puller
wpe319.jpg (66551 bytes)
got it pulled.
wpe31A.jpg (59800 bytes)
Unsticking a Backhoe