Tubing the Green River
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The Green River has been a favorite place since childhood.
Everything except the river itself has changed since then; there are a lot more people using it, just like everywhere else.
When Duke Power first gave up and put in a couple of access point parking lots the bulletin boards they put up included a plea that
if you like this place "Don't tell your friends." So you didn't hear about it from us, OK?
We put in at the spot that Duke calls "Fishtop." Our name for it, from long ago, is Mulberry Tree.
Their name probably has a story behind it, too.
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Even the dog would like to go, but he hasn't yet settled down
enough to ride a tube.
tubedog.JPG (35373 bytes)
Maybe when he gets older. Or stuffed.
Some days the Green will bump your butt the whole way down, but when the Lake Summit dam is pumping out the kilowatts
it can be an exciting ride.
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The ride is exciting, not necessarily the pictures.
People who prefer more control choose conveyances other than tubes.
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In 2006, at the urging of the Polk County Board of Commissioners, the North Carolina General Assembly unanimously passed a ban
on alcoholic beverages within fifty feet of the Green River in Polk County. Oh, frabjous day!