Tractor Photos
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An unstructured assortment of pictures, mostly here just to have them on the Web so that we can link them into discussion fora.
Two distributor cap interiors:
distinside1.JPG (126219 bytes)
distinside2.JPG (122053 bytes)
And one exteriors:
distoutside1.JPG (126101 bytes)
Snaggle teeth, the ring gear:
bad teeth 1.JPG (130521 bytes)
Right and left sides of the bolt that holds the pin in the top half of Old Stony's main post. Or was 'sposed to.
notrightstitch.jpg (169294 bytes)
What pollen looks like:
pollen1.JPG (128321 bytes)
The u-joint that turns Old Stoney's hydraulic pump, fan blade in the way
hydpp4.JPG (124613 bytes)
Wrung Off-
wrung1.JPG (133159 bytes)
Thermometer from Dad's tractor shop, circa early '50's or late '40's; eight or ten inches tall.
thermometer1.JPG (125624 bytes)
easyout2.JPG (122952 bytes)
Cross section of Mr. Haney's transmission:
H Trans.jpg (145800 bytes)
pto1.jpg (105485 bytes)
pto2.JPG (69412 bytes)
Hydcylspecs.JPG (60140 bytes)
tracprofilefilled.JPG (10564 bytes)
bearing defect marked.JPG (49269 bytes)
torque1.JPG (123184 bytes)
wheelside.JPG (115695 bytes)
clampside1.JPG (119558 bytes)
Lower Drive
lowerasphault13.jpg (76693 bytes)
lowerasphault2.JPG (139981 bytes)
nearsmooth.JPG (136420 bytes)
welding_shop.JPG (63757 bytes)
A cracked frame:
crack15.JPG (67749 bytes)
Crackstuckpaint.JPG (68399 bytes)
whirlygrease.JPG (124135 bytes)
polecarrier1.JPG (124849 bytes)
liar, liar.JPG (119698 bytes)
H drive shaft coupling.jpg (138471 bytes)
Hydraulic specifications from the IH Liftall Manual, reprint of 1947 edition:
Hydraulic Specs.jpg (949549 bytes)
And a picture of two tractors
trct posters.JPG (120953 bytes)
Mr. Haney's new bush hog meets the hog wire fence
wire removal 6.JPG (123958 bytes)