Snow Pictures
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The last week of January, 2000, we got just over four inches of snow. That was the most since the blizzard of '73, and the first real blanket since we moved here.
By the time we built the snow man we had already used up the two rolls of film that we had on hand, so pictures of him will have to be added later. OK, it's later now. Here he is.
The front yard:
Img24.jpg (32464 bytes)
Suffering ligustra
Trying to get home from work:
Img08.jpg (32744 bytes)
The swamp bays aren't used to the weight of snow. Toby thinks it great sport.
Lady Banks:
Img06.jpg (32388 bytes)
Wearing her white wig.
Neither rain nor soforth:
snowmail.JPG (32787 bytes)
But the mail didn't come for two days.
We don't like to put more than four on a page if we can help it; the World Wide Wait is long enough. But there are more pictures on another page.