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Every few years Richland County puts fresh satellite images of the whole county on their website. You can have them overlaid with property lines, school districts, contours, hydrology, whatever. Very much fun to play with, really hogs down the bandwidth.
The property lines on seem to have a small parallax problem. To get the lines to match up with known landmarks I had to beat this image into submission with Paint and Image Composer, which in my hands are blunt instruments, indeed. For a sense of the scale, the two sides that make the corner at the top are each about one thousand feet long, the back line is 922 feet, and the two short sides at the bottom are 324 and 327.
propline5.jpg (167953 bytes)
The house is in the upper right, the pond just below it with the little island on the left side. That's our county road across the top.
This picture was taken late spring, after the lawn had greened up but before the lantana bed had filled in. The Japanese Magnolia is a dark spot in the middle of the lawn, the lantana bed is the lighter colored triangle between the lawn and the blacktop driveway.
The cleared stretch on the lower left is the SCE&G powerline. The dogleg driveway on the right goes to our neighbors, the motorcycle club. One of our neighbors on the right had the timber cut on her land a year before. The cutover, almost all swampy bottom, is growing back fast.