Richburg Tractor Show
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June of 2008 I went half-way to Charlotte to look at old tractors. The volunteer fire guys' bar-b-que might have been an additional draw.
There would have to be pictures.
An H, two years younger than Mr. Haney:
48 H.JPG (131156 bytes)
An Allis-Chalmers G - the "G" is for "grasshopper":
Allis G.JPG (129148 bytes)
A "B F Avery" They didn't know about acronyms back then.
B F Avery.JPG (129322 bytes)
Another H, this one belted to a thresher:
belted H.JPG (130114 bytes)
A view of that H from behind:
belted H 2.JPG (129863 bytes)
Another angle. The machine to the right was the baler:
H on thresher.JPG (130241 bytes)
A Farmall C with homemade decals:
C decalless.JPG (132172 bytes)
Front and rear shots of a one of a kind Chevy pickup:
Chevy front.JPG (128794 bytes)
Chevy rear.JPG (135032 bytes)
John Deere and stationary engine
Deere and steam.JPG (122771 bytes)
John Deere MT & 440 crawler:
Deere MT.JPG (132191 bytes)
Earthmaster, the hayrides went round and round all day:
Earthmaster.JPG (128211 bytes)
We mentioned the fire guys' bar-b-que?
Eating out.JPG (123136 bytes)
A Super C and an A
Farmall C.JPG (132932 bytes)
An M:
Farmall M.JPG (128441 bytes)
A Hart-Parr roaming the grounds:
Hart-Parr moving.JPG (124322 bytes)
And its grill, close-up:
Hart-Parr.JPG (130741 bytes)
A recent model Cub:
Late Cub.JPG (126761 bytes)
A boy and his dog:
nice doggie.JPG (129493 bytes)
A rainbow of tractors:
rainbow row.JPG (127102 bytes)
An Oliver crawler:
Ollie crawler.JPG (134565 bytes)
The wide-load B:
wide load B 2.JPG (131345 bytes)
Next to a snaggle tooth Allis:
snaggle Allis.JPG (133958 bytes)
And the stationary engine again.
Steam engine.JPG (124178 bytes)
There's a very brief video of one of the exhibitors delighting the kids by dropping tennis balls down its exhaust at: