Puppy Bathing
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Goldie early on learned that rolling in unpleasantness will have unpleasant consequences.
A high price, but one that she has not proven unready to pay.
"Oh, noooo!!!"
bath - oh, no.jpg (39002 bytes)
"But Daddy, I didn't do anything funny."
bath2.jpg (39228 bytes)
"Oh, the caninity."
bath 1.jpg (40802 bytes)
"Somebody help me, please...."
bath close up.jpg (39494 bytes)
Even as a grown up, dignified, old lady dog she sometimes can't resist a good roll. Even if it means straight home to a cold bath.
We haven't Smell-O-Vision, but you can see the rotten garfish on her neck and collar.
deadfishdog.JPG (127116 bytes)