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Any gardening will produce some excess vegetation from time to time. Gardening in the woods often necessitates a heavy hand with the pruning. When we generate a quantity too great for the brush pile we usually haul it up to the power line and use it as erosion control. There's a hard sand hillside that the power company's bushhogging and spraying has left exposed, the sand will wash down into the swamp that flows to our pond if we don't help.
Here's some of previous years' piles.
lastyearspiles.JPG (132329 bytes)
After many trips that took almost as long to unload as they took to load we learned a trick.
First, lay a noose in the trailer:
opennoose.JPG (128773 bytes)
Then pile in the brush and close the noose:
closednoose.JPG (135817 bytes)
Goldie never passes up a chance to help:
prunedog.JPG (137320 bytes)
Position the trailer over the spot in which we want the pile and tie the end of the noose to a handy tree:
tiedoff2.JPG (139943 bytes)
And pull away. All in one smooth go, unless the driver is also the photographer.
sliding1.JPG (133677 bytes)
sliding3.JPG (134114 bytes)
sliding4.JPG (137113 bytes)
sliding5.JPG (133896 bytes)
slid.JPG (129583 bytes)
And we're ready for another load.