Prissy and Andrew
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When we moved to the country we were able to get Mr. Pink, our first Lab, back from William's Mom. As it happened she was overburdened with kittens at the time and two of them came attached to the dog. Their first trip to the vet they hadn't yet been named and they were put in her book as "Tail" (Andrew) and "No Tail" (Prissy). As this page goes up it's 2004, they're fifteen years old, and the only time Andrew has spent the night inside was back in '91 when he cut his foot. Prissy stayed overnight at the vet when we had her spayed.
But they've got a nice house of their own on a platform under the back porch.
Prissy in cathouse2.jpg (443859 bytes)
Their house used to be on the deck, but we felt that sometimes they needed more cover:
blizzard cat.JPG (31984 bytes)
In better weather Andrew's favorite spot is the blacktop:
JabbatheAndrew.JPG (34827 bytes)
Not that he's lazy, but:
Cat in Wheelbarrow1.JPG (100003 bytes)
Prissy is too proud to ride:
Prissy close up.jpg (39799 bytes)
She's comfortable in any weather:
snowprissy2.JPG (31432 bytes)
She claims that a tail just wastes warmth.