Poor Goldie Has Had an Accident
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On a Friday night in January of 2002 Goldie finally caught a car. It was garbage day and we hadn't rolled the cart back to the house. Goldie took advantage by lying in ambush behind the garbage cart and jumping out to startle the passing car.
When Mark went out to feed her and the cats about nine o'clock she didn't show. He called and looked all around the house. Then he set her supper down out side the basement door and went through to the garage. As soon as he started out the driveway in his truck to go look for her he spotted her; halfway down the drive, propped up on her front, couldn't raise her back end. He got out and picked her up. He carried her back to the house but found that he had locked the basement door from the inside, so he gently laid her out on the doormat and went back around to the garage. When he came out the basement door he found her lying over next to her empty supper dish.
Mark called me at work and called then the animal emergency room. As soon as I got home we loaded her up and took her, about a one hour drive. They took her in, checked her over, and told us to go home, call in the morning.
The x-rays showed a dislocated left hip and two breaks in the pelvis. The vet said she couldn't pop the hip joint back together because there was nothing to push against. But the damage was repairable; no organs were damaged, just bones. She's young and should heal well. It would take major surgery and they could do it first thing Monday morning, "Do you think that you and Mark can afford it?"
It is an amazement, she was up and able to deal with her functions on Tuesday. On Wednesday they let us bring her home.
goinghome2.jpg (37840 bytes)
She's happy to go home, too, riding on her fancy new orthopedic dog bed.
She has to be confined for five or six weeks, and has to have support when she goes outside. Not that she doesn't move around by herself, but she's a little wobbly and if she falls it could be disastrous.
Here's her little sick room in the basement; we had just last week put new weather-stripping around that door:
sickroom2.jpg (40399 bytes)
And here she is getting ready to go out:
assistedliving2.jpg (40635 bytes)
Never has a dog had more attention:
Dr. Mark.jpg (40877 bytes)
The square bald spot is where she wore a pain patch.
When the stitches started to heal they started to itch. When we saw she had pulled out a couple on each side we took her to our regular vet and had her fitted for a lampshade:
haut2.jpg (41743 bytes)
It's not Tiffany, but, after all, she's merely the dog.
Later she had to start physical therapy.