Plow Day 2009
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Late February of 2009 we received a report from the hunt club guys that our neighbor Jamie had been seen mowing and plowing an overgrown field at the juncture of our county road and the state (paved) road. They were curious was he going to sharecrop it, or maybe a new dove field.
Turned out one of his dog training buddies was a member of the S.C. Draft Horse Assoc. and they planned to have a Plow Day meet there one upcoming Saturday. As it happens we got 4.8 inches of much needed rain that weekend and the meet was postponed a week. They didn't have quite the turnout the expected before the schedule change but there were still a good number of horses and mules who showed up eager to turn dirt.
There are a couple of videos at and
Here are a few stills of the participants waiting or taking their turns:
A couple of paints.
Plow Day 1.JPG (137967 bytes)
A Ponderous Horse (it's his sign)
Plow Day 3.JPG (129065 bytes)
A couple of more restrained size.
Plow Day 13.JPG (132508 bytes)
A pair of large mules on a riding turn plow
Plow Day 4.JPG (132575 bytes)
The same plow, with one of the large mules showing the                                                                                                                                                                     ropes to a young trainee.
Plow Day 8.JPG (138340 bytes)
Following them, a trio of Haflingers pulling a drag harrow
Plow Day 7.JPG (137228 bytes)
A close up of the Haflingers. A reputation as good guys,                                                                                                                                                                   but they appear to be plotting mischief.
Plow Day 11.JPG (659115 bytes)
"Hey, buddy, where's your badge?"