Owl Houses
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Spring of 2005, my nephew Nathan called to say he'd found plans for houses for Barn and Barred Owls, didn't I want to help?

What could I say?
A trip to Lowes on Friday, Nathan comes up on Saturday, and it's a day and a half of inspired carpentry.
Here's Nathan starring in three steps to a Barn Owl house:
oh1.JPG (126644 bytes)
oh2.JPG (126814 bytes)
oh3.JPG (126950 bytes)
And one of each type house, all done but for the paint:
oh1ofeach.JPG (125811 bytes)
Nathan took the two barn owl houses and one for the barred owls; I put one of the barred owl types about sixteen feet up a
black gum tree over on the far side of the pond. 'Course it took a year or two to get around to such a thing, what with ladders
and such being involved.
Facing north, rat-snake and raccoon flashing in place. These last two pictures were taken in January, 2009, after it had been up
for a couple of seasons.
owl house 4.JPG (142432 bytes)
The wood shavings I put inside still looked clean, but somebody had added enough twigs to personalize (owlalize?) the interior.
None of the interior shots had the perspective to show how the center of the shavings had been wallowed out to make a nestish shape,
but the photographer declined to re-ascend.
owl interior 1.JPG (120624 bytes)