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This shot is of the walk going up to the back door, everybody came in this way.
canna walk.JPG (43495 bytes)
The cannas did better in this spot for four or five years than they have done anywhere else since. And they
won't grow here anymore. That's our first volunteer of the native sunflowers in the center. They're doing well
Every summer that we stayed in the mobile home Mark planted rows of salvia and marigolds across the front
between the hollies and the monkey grass.
rows of red and yellow.JPG (39434 bytes)
The hollies and that variegated ligustrum by the steps live out at the end of the driveway now. The monkey grass 
seems to live where ever it wants. Salvia and marigolds still get scattered around every spring.
We used put out more coleus than we do now. They seemed like a good idea - shade loving,
colorful - but they turn out to need a lot attention. Heading and such.
caldonias.JPG (41627 bytes)