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Old Stoney was built in a simpler time, back when Safety hadn't been invented, or at least hadn't achieved its current sacrosanct status. It didn't occur to the designers that some protection for the operator would not only serve to prevent pain and suffering but would also hurry the job along. Being able to snatch a sapling from the ground in one motion without having to oh-so-carefully maneuver it around to avoid cuts and bruises (and broken bones) really does save time.
After fifteen some odd years, I decided I had suffered enough being slapped around and built a cage. As iron bars don't make one, I used iron just for the frame and stainless steel for the bars.
Here's Old Stoney before the addition.
wpe310.jpg (67783 bytes)
That tree's not "brush," but for anything smaller this has to help:
wpe311.jpg (58561 bytes)
wpe312.jpg (57366 bytes)
wpe313.jpg (57764 bytes)
wpe314.jpg (57504 bytes)
Old Stoney's Brush Guard