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After many years of working in the fields a tractor no less than a person deserves a restful retirement. Puttering around the yard, helping out in the garden; and occasionally taking the grandkids to the beach.
On Sunday, the first of July, '01, we got Mr. Haney to take numerous sisters, nieces, and nephews on a hayride down to Big Sandbar on the Wateree River. It's about seven miles down sometimes bumpy hunt club roads and not everybody would have wanted to ride the whole way at Mr. Haney's sedate pace. So early in the morning we took the tractor and trailer as far as cars could go and left them there to wait for us. After lunch we piled in three cars and rode down to the trailhead.
Then we got everybody loaded up:
Loading Hayride.jpg (40392 bytes)
And took off for the woods:
Setting out 2.jpg (39939 bytes)
Everybody comfortable?
Loaded hayride closeup.jpg (39471 bytes)
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