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Everything needs maintaining and needs more and more as it ages. When maintenance moves from routine to project status it can be eligible for round-to-it scheduling. So it was for Old Stoney's sagging rear and squeaky wheel.  And when jackleggedness strikes again.
Mr. Haney needed a lot of work when he got here. Some is shown at The New Farmall, some more at Liftall Replacement.
When it got time to rebuild Mr. Haney's steering I had to figure out how to get the upper bolster to drop. Here's what I came up with.
Old Stoney gave me a real fright while doing some hunt club work one deer season. There was a sudden load bang from up under the seat and all movement stopped. The engine ran, the transmission and clutch seemed to engage as normal, but the wheels won't go. After much troubleshooting and some exploratory surgery it was determined that the ring gear had detached from the differential. The operation is described at With This Ring.
On the subject of operation and to what the operator is subject, there's this attempt at improving backhoe ergonomics.