"Paving" the Lower Drive
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  In May of 2003 one of my many elderly neighbors asked if Old Stoney and I could dig a new drain field line for his septic tank. Sometimes being helpful pays off in unexpected ways.
  The house is out on the highway, so everyone passing by could see us at work. One fellow stopped to ask about an antique Chevy pickup over in the bushes; I told him I didn't think so but that Reuben would be back shortly. Then a construction company pickup pulled in. The driver was  a project superintendent for a highway resurfacing outfit. He said they were going to start taking up and replacing the blacktop on 601 for a five mile stretch by our community. He went on to ask if I knew of anyone nearby who could use the asphalt millings, as that would save him from having to haul it thirty miles to the other side of Columbia. Well, yeah, I 'spose I did.
  He and I rode around and I showed him where they could dump two loads at the power line just up from my place and two spots, one outside the main gate of the hunt club and the other over by the club house where they could drop the rest. Altogether we got thirty or forty loads; I lost count.
  I used Old Stoney to load a couple of tons at a time on the dump trailer, which Mr. Haney then pulled back home. I would dump a few loads, drive Stoney back to spread it out, then head back to load a few more. By the time it was done I'd used both the forty tons or so they had dropped at the power line and another five or six loads of what had been left at the hunt club.

Here's Goldie, checking for stowaways:
When it was about three-quarters done:
This is after a few passes leveling with the front-end loader:
And looking back toward the house:
The more I've driven on it the harder it's gotten. Eight years later it's holding up fine. Goldie, too.
Just a few leaves and gum balls.
There is a small spot on the hill up to the edge of the road that was spread a little thin. When the culvert plugged and a hard rain washed down the drive the original crusher run was exposed, maybe a foot wide and intermittent for six feet or so.
I had two bags of blacktop patch left over from the top drive retaining wall project, so I spread that out an inch thick over the thin spots and tamped it down, Then I spread a few shovels-full of sand over that to keep it from sticking to the car tires before it dried. Can't even tell where it was now.