Lake Lanier for the Fourth of July
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We were happy for them both when our sister Carol married Don.
We didn't know at the time how happy we should be for our self-centered selves.
Now that we've had two Fourths of July at their place on Lake Lanier we're coming to appreciate him even more.
Here are a few photos from 2007.
The big draw, of course, is the swimming. No crabs, sharks, or salt.
dockers 11.JPG (126139 bytes)
The house, and a view of viewing:
view of viewers.JPG (131783 bytes)
One of the things they got to see was the annual boat parade, wherein the people of the lake decorate
their boats and ride around waving, parade-style.
Resized2_boat parade 4.jpg (268126 bytes)
Even the lake bears get into the spirit.
boat bear close 1.jpg (101139 bytes)
There are bikers in the parade:
boat biker 1.JPG (135724 bytes)
But the Water Marks wait until the floats have passed.
up and away close.jpg (60092 bytes)