Jefferson Jackson Dinner 2007
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In 2007 my sister Carol invited me to sit at her table at the South Carolina Democratic Party's annual banquet, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.
I dutifully put on my funeral/Russian gangster outfit and went.
Here I am with another sister, Mimi, and Senator Biden, a presidential hopeful from Delaware.
Mimi me Biden.JPG (124218 bytes)
We're wearing "Carol" badges because she was running (unopposed) for the position of State Party Chair.
Here's one of Carol and daughter Laura after the banquet:
Carol and Laura pose.JPG (121686 bytes)
And a few other unposed presidential candidates, first Barak Obama, at the table next to us, who not only didn't get a chance
to get a bite to eat, but didn't look as though he had lately:
Obama.JPG (117224 bytes)
John Edwards, who came in with a truely over-loud drum corps and so deserves one of the few bad photos ever taken of him:
Edwards.JPG (127469 bytes)
'Course he doesn't come across nearly so badly as the guys on either side of him. The next profile makes up for it a little:
Edwards' intern.JPG (130775 bytes)
The side of Bill Richardson's head:
side of Richardson's head.JPG (127073 bytes)
And Chris Dodd, lost in a crowd:
Dodd in crowd.JPG (125631 bytes)