Insects, Bugs, and Beauties
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We share our space with a variety of other species. Or, perhaps, they theirs with us. They certainly have us outnumbered.
There aren't but a few of whom we know the proper name; this one's fairly obvious. Dung beetle. We haven't seen any of those in the house, but some better looking types make it inside. Like this striped moth.
striped moth.JPG (122722 bytes)
Moths aren't often the quick to mind as beauties of the bug world, but some of them are striking in an unnerving way:
polka moth1.JPG (133000 bytes)
Or this luna, from inside and out:
luna2.JPG (148388 bytes)
lunacropped.jpg (16252 bytes)
Their cousins are stunning in a more conventional way. When the purple lantana starts to bloom heavy in late September the butterflies swarm in. This one is a "Buckeye."
spotted bfly1.JPG (130793 bytes)
Some of our six-footed friends appear sinister:
Mantis.JPG (124934 bytes)
And some of the one-footed enemies gross:
slug2.JPG (124515 bytes)
Some are an instant horror, when the tractor engine drowns out the warning buzz until it's too late:
hornet nest.JPG (144905 bytes)
Two shots of a beautiful caterpillar in the North Carolina mountains:
cattipillarnoid 2.JPG (129464 bytes)
cattipillarnoid 3.JPG (128408 bytes)