Hurricane Hugo
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In September of 1989, when we had been here just three months, Hurricane Hugo passed through. Mark got home from second shift at midnight, just as the storm arrived. Every one knows that you shouldn't stay in a mobile home when a hurricane comes. But then everyone also knows that hurricanes always blow themselves out before they get this far inland. Dumb ol' Hugo didn't know that
Uprooted by porch.JPG (46813 bytes)
Fortunately, the ugly-as-sin back porch caught the trees that fell toward the trailer,
Savior Porch.JPG (52522 bytes)
and held them up off the roof. Where I went to take pictures.
William on Roof.JPG (43493 bytes)
We only got minor damage.
A few busted shingles,
Mark on Roof.JPG (39563 bytes)
and a little skirting down-
Minor damage.JPG (34757 bytes)
and eleven days without electricity or water.