Hounds, Puppies and Picnic Dogs
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Here are a few shots of some of the actual Coon Dogs, worthy competitors all.
dog day dog'09-10.jpg (133768 bytes)
dog day dog'09-11.jpg (135244 bytes)
dog day dog'09-12.jpg (135800 bytes)
dog day dog'09-13.jpg (132660 bytes)
dog day dog'09-14.jpg (136434 bytes)
And a couple of shots of some Feist puppies, on sale for $125. Hard to pass up.
dog day dog'09-15.jpg (134034 bytes)
She's got to have it:
dog day dog'09-16.jpg (126958 bytes)
And some of the dogs gathered around the one shady spot downtown, where we were having a little something:
dog day dog'09-19.jpg (125903 bytes)
dog day dog'09-20.jpg (128300 bytes)
dog day dog'09-21.jpg (130816 bytes)