High Wall I
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In the summer of 2003 I finally got around to taking out the old landscape timbers that had pretended to hold back
the bank above the 'company driveway.' The place I work had relocated a rail line and crossties were available for the taking.
'The taking' involved swapping a load of horse stable compost for help loading; nothing to it.
The old timbers were rotting away, pulling away from the asphalt, and they never had been high enough.
oldtimbers1.JPG (128912 bytes)
It was pull them out, haul them to the dump, and dig out enough room for the crossties.
shovelwork1.JPG (135048 bytes)
Old Stoney is very handy with crossties.
placing1.JPG (133514 bytes)
1stinplace1.JPG (135391 bytes)
After the first day of laying ties I thought I had made real progress.
firstday1.JPG (131273 bytes)
But there was a long way to go.
High Wall II