The Great Wall Part Two
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Once the trees were gone I ran a French drain around the base of the old wall and lined up straw bales to keep the dirt out of the woods.
bales&drain.jpg (41070 bytes)
Then I used Mr. Haney and the dump trailer to put enough fill dirt below the wall to stabilize it and get the slope almost right.
earthworks1.jpg (41764 bytes)
I dug out and removed the section of the old wall closest to the porch.
placing_ties_1.JPG (39738 bytes)
I replaced that part with crossties......
Placing_ties2.JPG (37578 bytes)
Placing_ties3.JPG (27355 bytes)
and put in a storm drain so the water off the roof wouldn't have to run down the around the wall.
drainproject2.JPG (36466 bytes)
After everything else was in place Mr. Haney went back to work, bring in topsoil.
topsoil2.JPG (37791 bytes)
Now we've only got to cover the slope with pine straw and plantings.
Seven years later, 2009, and I'll update with some shots of the current look.
Here's the out-fall of the storm drain:
outfall 09.JPG (135761 bytes)
And more of the liriope, with the French drain ends showing at the bottom
hill grassed 2.JPG (140465 bytes)
And finally, Goldie posing at the top of the hill:
Goldie wall 1.JPG (137360 bytes)