The Great Wall
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When the builder got the hole done for the basement and started digging out the foundation we realized that we had underestimated
the slope and how much room we would need to back out of the garage. We had measured out to the three big pines we had left
at the edge of our clearing and knew they could stay, but we would have to raise the ground level about five feet all the way over to them.
So, quick, build a retaining wall. A temporary structure, built too close to the trees to put in a permanent block wall between.
Temporary turned out, in this case, to be six years.
IMG27.JPG (39253 bytes)
Then two of the trees got struck by lightening and all three got the pine beetles. So the best pictures we have of the wall
is from the day the pros came to take them down. They took the three pines, this double holly and a water oak.
wall&chipper.jpg (40284 bytes)
topping.jpg (39251 bytes)
cherrypicker1.jpg (40131 bytes)
topping2.jpg (52504 bytes)
We got a couple of good piles of mulch from them, though.
chips.jpg (39359 bytes)
We decided that rather than build another, more permanent wall we would bury the existing wall and slope the
ground down to the new tree line. That part of the project is on The Great Wall, Part 2