Goldie's Physical Therapy
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After Goldie's second operation, the femoral head excision on her right side, the vet had us sign her up for regular physical therapy. This operation can result in significant loss of range of motion as the dog grows a new hip connection from scar tissue; lots of good stretching is required.
In addition to ultrasound treatment to warm up and loosen the muscle and acupuncture to relieve pain and aid recovery of the nerves Goldie got to work out on the underwater treadmill. We thought she wouldn't go for that, as she had always declined to get wet all over (several traumatic bathing incidents as a pup), but apparently it was so different from the real world that she didn't know to be afraid.
We took a whole roll of photos her second trip. It was touch and go luck for them to come out what with refraction and red eye and incompetance; even so there are more than you'd want to have download at once; we put them here as thumbnails. Click for a full size view.
Here's Goldie and Mark arriving at the therapist's:
ptarrival.jpg (81709 bytes)
This is some of the electronic watzit that she got hooked up to:
ptequip.jpg (38170 bytes)
Here's the lifejacket going on. Maybe this is what we need to have for her trips to the river.
buckleup.jpg (38040 bytes)
It might not be the gators she's scared of.
Here's the tank, looks like the last long walk:
tm1.jpg (40575 bytes)
After she's closed in the tank slowly fills with warm water:
tm3.jpg (39271 bytes)
And, of course, she tries to drink it:
tm3.jpg (39271 bytes)
After a minute or two to get used to it:
tnrest.jpg (36990 bytes)
It starts with a start:
tmstart1.jpg (39359 bytes)
It's a real crowd pleaser:
tmtv.jpg (39117 bytes)
But the performer prefers the finish:
tmunbockle.jpg (40456 bytes)