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Whether it's flowers or food,
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between Mark's green thumb and William's silver hammer - wait - Thumb? Hammer? We'll get back to this later.
The raised-bed garden above that we put in the second year is too shaded now. They're so slow that you can't catch them at it but those pesky trees keep getting taller and taller. We're working now to turn the spot where the trailer was into a garden. Many loads of city-folks' discarded organics getting tilled in.
Here are some  shots of the old yard, when we still lived in the mobile home. Some of these things have been moved, some have passed on, and some are still there. I have trouble keeping up myself.
The new house and yard have presented more opportunities to bring in new things and to move old things around. Rocks, plants, dirt - a place for everything and everything in a place. Here are a few views around the new yard. And here are some more.
We've tried to make a positive impact on the natural scene. We're very proud of one of the results.
In the winter of '99-'00 we got a big load of mostly daylilies from Mimi's nieghbor in Charleston.
A few years ago one of our timber company neighbors thinned a pine planting a mile or so down the road from us. They brought in a tree harveter and a portable chipper and took out every other row of trees. When they finished hauling out what  they thought was the good part they left behind several hundred tons of
beautiful mulch. We've been helping ourselves.
To see some more of the results of our yard work, as well as some volunteers, there are Thumbnail Galleries at
Assorted Flowers I, from 2002
Assorted Flowers II, from Spring, 2003
And more at
Day Lilies I
Every Spring is greeted by the smiles of daffodils. Here are several from 2003.
Sometimes there's heavy work to do in the yard. De-hedging was one such operation.
Rocks are heavy, right?
Pruning sometimes gets heavy, too. Like when I take another go at opening up the view from the house to the pond.
Even the pros have problems. Sometimes bad things happen to good gardens.
Not all the blooms come from the garden store. There are wild things, too.
A few more of the plants I have in and around the yard.
There are unknowns in the world of plants, too. I'm looking for answers or ideas at
Mystery Plants.