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Mark, whose handwriting is good enough to be seen large, making banners.
signpainter1.JPG (50168 bytes)
  Doesn't misspell even with the cameras rolling.
signpainter3.JPG (47659 bytes)
In a shady corner, scarecoons and coon tails are being assembled.
makingtails1.JPG (57704 bytes)
makingtails2.JPG (61758 bytes)
makingtails3.JPG (63917 bytes)
Final work on the banners was done at the schoolyard. In these two, Rodger puts the raccoon logo on.
(I don't think we get disqualified for using a professional; he was on vacation.)
artwork1.JPG (44873 bytes)
We even brought along our own art critic.
artwork2.JPG (61220 bytes)