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When the house was finished we started rearranging the yard. We tried to save as many plants as we could. The hollies from in front of the mobile home
went out to the end of the driveway; one of the leylands did, too,  and another went out on the island. Small shrubs and perennials scattered variously.
There were six ligustrums (ligustra?) along the back, in muck clay and shade. They had never done well. One is at the corner of the deck now and quite happy. The other five made a hedge between the new front yard and the length of the driveway, the idea being to cut off the view of the kitchen counter from the road.
They did too well.
frontbed1.JPG (35622 bytes)
In order to keep them from growing over everything we had to cut them so hard that they stayed ugly.
When we redid the front yard in 2003 it was time for them to go.
It was easy to cut them off short with the chainsaw-
loading the hedge.JPG (138163 bytes)
And Mr. Haney was happy to haul them off.
But they had grown heavy stumps, laughed at a mattock. Fortunately there was a straight line through the trees-
pulling ligustrum.JPG (140621 bytes)
Several chains and a wire rope and Ol' Stoney popped them right out-
pulling ligustrum2.JPG (138725 bytes)
Pile them up at one end of the row, knock the dirt off, and they're ready to be erosion control up the road a bit.