The Dears
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At about noon-thirty on a recent hot August day I was sitting at the kitchen counter having a yard-day lunch when a family of deer walked out of the woods. There was a grown doe, a spotted fawn, and a spike-horn buck who looked to be last year's child.
They didn't seem to be too nervous and the fierce watchtoby was around back asleep in the shade, so there was time to get out the camera and snap a few shots through the window. The glass didn't interfere with the auto-focus too badly, but the young buck never did get out into the sun.
When I see them like this I hope that they will make it through the season; when I remember what they have done to some of our plants population control seems more like a good idea.
deer1.JPG (58614 bytes)
deer2.JPG (59491 bytes)
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At least this lot didn't seem to care for lantana.
A couple of years later a mother and child showed up just as the plum tree started to leaf out.
fawnbyholly.JPG (39489 bytes)
That's last year's fawn, easy to see against the holly background. You can just make out Mama pruning the plum.