Culvert Problems
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Down in the Hunt Club's swamp, on the former Peak Road (now Beaver Pond Road, go figure), there's a two foot steel culvert
that's a favorite of the beavers. They've got a dam upstream and they alternate between repairing the damage we do to the dam
and plugging the culvert. Either one results in water on the road.
Here's a view of the west, upstream side of the culvert:
westside.jpg (133340 bytes)
And here's the east, low water side:
eastside.jpg (139406 bytes)
To equalize the two, first have Old Stoney stick his finger in:
plunge.JPG (133021 bytes)
Then swirl it around:
swirl.JPG (131662 bytes)
And viola; we have relief:
release.jpg (136547 bytes)