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There's been a lot of animal involvement - Toby more than any. Here's a look at his first trip to the Edisto River.
Toby's First.JPG (51405 bytes)
An animal with Toby's sort of photo-charisma will naturally dominate many rolls of film. More shots of him will show up, like at "Cool Dog"
Even before Toby came we had gotten Prissy and Andrew - the fearless swampcats:
Cats on Bridge.JPG (63918 bytes)
Fearless, and dry of foot.
Prissy and Andrew were rent, sort of. Our first dog, Mr. Pink, went to stay at my mother's place while we lived in the apartment. When we moved here and he came back they were "tied to his tail."
The current dog, Goldie, decided that since we were too trifling to train her not to chase cars she would have to do it herself.
We did train her to good habits of canine hygiene.
Goldie and Prissy set an example for peaceful coexistence.
I get a lot of wildlife out here on the edge of the swamp, too. Some of it is of the warm and cuddly sort, like the Dears; other creatures remind me why I have snug fitting door frames. Lots of feathered friends, too. Like the Screech Family.
Not all the reptiles are so worrisome as the ones in "Serpents." I have lizards and skinks that, if not exactly warm and cuddly, are at least good for a smile. Turtles, too, that can be fierce as this snapper.
Amphibians are always welcome; anyone who eats bugs for a living deserves our thanks.
Sort of a cross between a reptile and an amphibian, right?
        Some of our wildlife visitors try to work their way up to pet status. Like the Midnight Marsupial. A few more of this charmer at The Possumhood
   I try to help the wild ones as we can. Sometimes my efforts are greater than could be expected. Like when I decided to make up for the cap on the chimney by building a proper home for the chimney swifts.
Sometimes wild things come into the picture without my knowing about it until later.
I scatter cracked corn on the front yard for the little birds. Sometimes squirrels take advantage, and sometimes big birds.
The little birds are more appreciative and companionable.
I meet many other sorts of birds in the woods and swamp. I'll put up pictures when I can catch them.
Spring of 2011, the more distructive wildlife came back.