Coon Dog Day 2003
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In 2003, after years of seconds, honorables, and also waddled, our extended and exemplary went all out. It started last Thanksgiving when William, in a fit of "They'll forget about it long before time." told Jenne that, "Oh, sure, we can bring Mr. Haney to pull a float in the Coon Dog Day Parade." 
Seven months later:
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Our neighbor, Jamie Brown, loaned us his tractor carrier and Mr. Haney got a bath. Several baths.
When we got to Saluda Mr. Haney and the trailer stayed at the Stokers. For several days we worked on turning the trailer into a float. Here Mark is working on the signs and the first row of coon tails have sprouted.
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There's more about float decorating at Float Prep.
The Day finally came, probably the best Coon Dog Day weather we've seen; bright sunshine and low 80's. After a long wait in the schoolyard (Waiting Around) we got started, close behind Miss Coon Dog of 1973. She knew half the people in the crowd, and had to stop to speak to most of them.
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And the full float:
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There was tough competition (and some not so tough), but quality will out.
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There are a few more photos of our entry at "Rolling to Victory."