Contents and Directions
Several people have mentioned that my site is becoming unwieldy (overgrown, hard to find things, need to have an
easy  way to tell when there's something new, that sort of thing). So I'm going to try. If this doesn't work I'll try
something else.
There's a  Home Page that you may have already seen, and here's my email address.
Each section's opening page has links to the back pages of that section, back to the Home Page, and to the opening page of
each of the other sections.  Here's a list of the sections I have so far, with their back pages:
I.  The Land - A little about this part of the world
           Hurricane Hugo - pictures of the results of that disaster
           Land Photos - pictures from around the place
           Path Pictures - pictures on the trails around the woods
          The Plat - the surveyor's drawing
           A Satellite Image - courtesy of Richland County
II.  Getting Started - Stories and pictures from the early days here
           Bulldozer Photos - Uncle English clearing a spot for us
           Mobile Home Photos - where we lived at first
III. Pond Digging - The second biggest endeavor
           Pond Digging Photos
           The Pond in Winter - before it was finished
IV. House Building - The biggest
          Construction Photos I
          Construction  Photos II
          Construction Photos III
          Construction Photos IV
V. Gardening - A never ending joy ( effort, comfort, chore - how do you feel today?)
          Yard Pictures - formerly called " The Latest Yard Pictures," but that might have been misleading
          More Yard Pictures - after all, there will always be more and I can't be changing titles every month
          Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certificate - "No brag, just fact." Yeah,sure
          De-Hedging - gardening with heavy equipment
          Yard Rocks - using our (and the neighbors') natural resources
          Daylilies by the Truckload - early Spring, 2000
                     Day Lilies I  - Close ups (you want consistency? not here)
          Old Yard Pictures - from when the mobile home was here
          Mulch - the experts agree
           Pruning - dealing with the overflow
          Assorted Flowers I - Thumbnail Gallery from the Spring of 2002, mostly
                     Glory Bower - a little tree that shows promise
         Assorted Flowers II - From the Spring of 2003
         Daffodils of 2003 - the first smiles of Spring
          Garden Problems - a serpent isn't always the worst thing to find in the garden
                      Magnolia Illness - a plea for help
                     Frost Protection - we do what we can
          Wildflowers - not free, exactly, but came with the land no extra charge
                      A Mystery Solved - and a heart busted
                      Fallen Giant - oak trees are flowering plants, too
          Plants Around the Yard - a selection of what's got pictures ready
          Plum Jelly - an award winning project
          Mystery Plants - life's persistent questions
VI. Critters - Pets and otherwise
           Prissy and Andrew - two of the finest cats, tailed and/or not
           Cool Dog - Toby at the beach
           Cats and Dogs - why can't we all just get along?
           Poor Goldie Has Had an Accident - the vet said we were heroes
                      Goldie's Physical Therapy - an adventure we'll never want again
           The Dears - ungulate guests
           Warning - less pleasant creatures - two pages, so far, of my version of x-rated
           Screech Baby - I just supply habitat, never know who'll show up
           Lizards in Love - or what they'll be doing
           Lay, Lady, Lay - looks aren't everything
           The Night Visitor - a marsupial interloper
           Assorted Birds - they move so soon, hard for to get pictures
                    Empty holes - The red-cockaded woodpeckers having moved on
                    Filled Holes - The non-state-bird Carolinas having moved in
           Amphibians - how could frogs be a plague?
           Arthropods - what herons do when it's not frog season
          Insects, Bugs, and Beauties - A taste for all tastes
          Goldie Gets a Bath - "Oh, the caninity!"
          Bull (Thistle w/Alien) - they're everywhere
          Turkey Day - even the wary sometimes go for the free lunch
         Hummingbirds - pugnaciously lovable
VII. Getting Away - Times away from home, physically, climatically, or temporally
            Playing in the Snow - with a link to the comic feature:
                     Pisgah Sledding   
            Snow Pictures - so unusual for here; includes the controversial
                      Snowman Sequence and
                      More Snow
            Edisto Camping
            Edisto Tubing
            Linville Gorge
            The State Fair - so much to see and to do
           A Week at the Beach
                   A Beach Disaster - into each life a little sorority must fall
            The Saluda House
            Thanksgiving in St. Matthews, 2003
            Coon Dog Day
            Coon Dog Day 2003
                    Float Prep
                    Waiting Around
                    The Competition
            Coon Dog Day 2009 - The Dogs of Coon Dog Day
                   Hound, Puppies and Picnic Dogs - more Coon Dog Day dogs
            The Fourth of July - Lake Lanier gives us another reason to celebrate
            Wading - in the Stokers stream
            Tubing the Green River
                    Glorious Day - Up with the Gummint
            Mo' better Government - the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, 2007
           Mr. Haney Goes to the Beach
                            Mr. Haney Goes to the Beach - Page Two
            Richburg Antique Tractor and Engine Show, 2008 - other people's cash vacuums
           Plow Day, 2009 - Antique equines, right here on our road
           Old Pictures - from a time before now
VIII. Projects - Some of the things that have been done around the place
           The Yard Barn - a place for everything and everything all over the place
           The Swamp Bridge - it's all about access
           The Deck - an adventure in recreational carpentry
           The Great Wall - "Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair."
                            The Great Wall Part Two
          The High Wall - part one, a retaining wall for the company driveway
                               The High Wall Part Two
           The Tractor Barn - sometimes we amaze ourselves
           The Swift House - and sometimes we amaze our feathered friends
           The Owl Houses - wise birds to like such secure homes
           Upkeep - not always in the project class, sometimes just chores
           Beaver Busting - helping out the neighbors
                                Rodent Patrol - wading in after them
                                Culvert Problems - the little scoundrels just won't give up
           Food Plot - not a conspiracy, exactly; more like Hansel's stalling tactics
           Culvert Maintenance - "There's never time to do it right, but always time to do it over."
           Unsticking a Backhoe - not Old Stoney, one of his huntclub buddies
           Culvert Supply - or "Covert," as the case may be
           Springs - hope springs eternal, and water when the drought lets up
           Bonnet Lake Boat Landing - because sometimes you can take a boat to water but you can't back it in
           Mr. Haney, the Farmall H - sometimes a piece of gardening equipment becomes a project
                               Catalogue - ever the helpful dog
           The Road Grader - A necessary ugly
           Mechanical Samples - wherein I show that I believe myself to be mechanically inclined     
                               Hip Replacement - when greasing doesn't satisfy the squeaky wheel
                              Squeaky Wheel Redux - the jacklegs rise again
                               Butt Lift - for when it just sags too much
                               Liftall Replacement - lifting a lift
                               Liftall Operation - how the early hydraulic system works
                               Sector Popper - two shots of how to
                              With This Ring - a differential kind of medical drama
           Tractor Photos - an assortment of odds and ends, mostly maintenance related
                              Old Stoney's Brush Guard - one more step toward operator comfort
In 2010/11 I'm having to give up on MS FrontPage, which neither Microsoft nor my web host will continue to support, and rebuild using Wysiwyg WB7. You can see the font isn't a perfect match. Except when I take extra steps. At the same time I'm dealing with a shift from first person plural to first person singular, as Mark has wearied of rural life. The font isn't the only.... The pages will be updated/edited as seems appropriate.
                    Dung Beetle - the name says it all
          Tractor Spares - more of the same stuff
           Mark & Pup - Goldie plays the puppy
                    Rolling to Victory
           Southside Road Improvements - a hundred yards here, a hundred yards there, and first thing you know....
                   The Possumhood - a few more pictures of our pouched friend
         Pig Damage  - They're baaaaaccccckkkk
           Paving the Lower Drive
IX. Videos - So far there's:            
                 Willfick's Channel  -  My contribution to the world of YouTube.
           Privet Problems - Ol' Stoney takes steps