The Competition
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We know that it's the fun and not the competition that's important.
My, but that comes easy for the winners.
Camp Wayfarer's "The Big Coon-Huna"
Coonhuna.JPG (53056 bytes)
Coon Hunters
coonhunters1.JPG (63947 bytes)
and their prize
coonhunters2.JPG (62312 bytes)
Marryin' Sam
Marryin_Sam.JPG (66472 bytes)
The walking train - by the end of the route, their feet....
try not to think about it.
walkingtrain2.JPG (49846 bytes)
Some in the crowd appreciated the sprayers. Some thought themselves sufficiently baptized before the event.
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Ward's Grill
WardsGrill.JPG (62655 bytes)
Mr. Haney wasn't the only tractor in the parade,
greenie_2.JPG (47187 bytes)
but he was the only red one.
greenone.JPG (38124 bytes)
The La-La Queens of Lake Lure - words fail
LaLaQueens1.jpg (130765 bytes)
A lot of talent on display
syncswimmers.JPG (47664 bytes)
Miss Coon Dog - just happy to be here
Miss_Coondog_Day.JPG (50619 bytes)
The firetrucks are always first in the parade. Pride of place, of course...
redtruck.JPG (50446 bytes)
and because they scare the horses.
yellowtruck.JPG (58836 bytes)
comp3.JPG (50452 bytes)
The second place winner - a political favorite.
2ndPlace.JPG (50459 bytes)
Dogs don't ever learn to spell
coondogschool.JPG (51910 bytes)
Her Grandship
Grand_Marshall.JPG (49216 bytes)
and of course, the old cars.
oldcar1.JPG (49465 bytes)