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For a long time the #1 cylinder on Old Stoney's hoe had leaked by. It would let the bucket gradually sink to the ground; every once in a while the operator would have to reach back and pull it up. Not so serious as one that leaked out on the ground, but an irritation. When it got so that every once in a while was every two or three minutes it was time to rebuild.
I had taken large cylinders in for repair before. The hard part was picking them up. This time I thought I would just pull out the ram, let the shop guys put the new seals on it, and then put it back together myself.
Pulling it out was easy:
toothout1.jpg (39798 bytes)
and it wasn't hard to load in the car:
toothincar.jpg (37986 bytes)
There are no pictures of my trying to put it back together. It was too ugly. I wound up taking the ram and cylinder back to the shop to let the properly equipped guys do it.