Bonnet Landing
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The hunt club has two boat landings on the Wateree River where I can put my bigger john boat in and motor up the river, but the lakes back in the woods had only by-hand landings. I could take our little aluminum pond boat and get it in and out without trouble, but it doesn't really have room for two people and a full size dog. This year Old Stoney and I took steps.
Step one was to improve the road in to Bonnet Lake. Where that road turns off the main road was low and shady;
it had unfixable ruts. So we went around.
Oldroadnew.JPG (69052 bytes)
The road then crossed Catfish Gut over a forty-eight inch concrete culvert. When the Wateree floods this gut is one of the main routes for water coming into the swamp. Sometimes the water is flowing several feet over the road here, and with considerable velocity. Most likely the roadbed will need renewing annually.
Catfish Culvert.JPG (134421 bytes)
On one spot on the shore of Bonnet Lake there is a gap in the Slavery Dam that allows for an easy slope down to the water. It has been used for some time to drag aluminum john boats down to the lake, but in order to back our heavier wooden boat in, even with the Farmall, Mr. Haney, a few small trees had to be moved and the slope needed evening up.
Looking down to the lake-
Butterfly_landing1.JPG (87887 bytes)
And looking back up the landing-
Butterfly_Landing3.JPG (83246 bytes)