Beaver Busting
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  Sometimes the beavers build their dams in beneficial places, helping to maintain water levels in the lakes during
the dry season. Just as often they get it wrong, plugging culverts and flooding roads. Their priorities are not the
same as ours. As the president of the hunt club once said, "Why can't they just work with us?"
Here's one they built about fifty yards down from Peak Rd.
web beaverdam 2.JPG (76538 bytes)
  Back in the early sixties Reader's Digest ran a condensed version of Dam Busters, a book about the work of an
Allied bomber group that specialized in destroying German dams. Very exciting stuff for an eleven-year-old. Some
people never grow up.
web under the shovel.JPG (57083 bytes)
"Take that, you rodents!"
web breached dam.JPG (55859 bytes)
  Sometimes just harassing them a little is enough to make them move on. If it's not, then they win. They can build
one like this back almost over night. Some culverts have been getting plugged over and over for years.
  At times we have to wade in after the little scoundrels: see Rodent Patrol