Barn Raising
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The backhoe lived for six or eight years in a little parking space in the woods with a tarp spread over it and tied in five places. That kept the weather off, but was dreadedly inconvenient. So I made it our winter project for 1999 to build a new home for Old Stoney.
I leveled out one of the piles of pond dirt beside the backhoe driveway and spread some of the county's sand and rocks on top to make a dry spot. (Some time later I'll explain about the never ending effort to keep the county's road from washing into our woods.)
Then I started making the usual fifty trips to the lumber store. Posts, concrete, beams, rafters, tin, siding. Plans? All in my head - the only way to go.
Here's a couple of shots of the beams going up:
Barn - beam me up 1.JPG (53421 bytes)
Barn - raising beams 1.JPG (62282 bytes)
They were even heavier than they look. We went a little at the time, I'd push one side up,
Mark would tie it or shove a 2x4 under it, and we'd do the other end.
We put on rafters, with toe nails and hurricane clips:
Barn-rafters up.JPG (66809 bytes)
Some tin and siding to keep out the rain and wind; our neighbor Boyd helped (a lot) with the roof.
Img05.jpg (40454 bytes)
Old Stoney has to tuck his tail a bit, but he fits. To be honest, we weren't sure 'till we tried.
Img07.jpg (41247 bytes)