Assorted Flowers I
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This one is a hibiscus, new arrival in 2002. It takes a place in the lawn circle that has been the death of two butterfly bushes and last year a sego palm. The butterfly bush in the circle eight feet away has been thriving for going on six years. Go figure.
Here's the rhododendron bush at the edge of the old front yard. It's taken it ten years to really start blooming.
This is a purple wave petunia surrounded by lantana in the early spring. They are some of a dozen of each in the bed by the front walk.  By July the bed will be a solid mass.
Here's a shot of the white iris in the bed by the mudroom door. A really early bloomer, it's got to spread.
Yellow Iris
yellowiris1.JPG (128395 bytes)
Night Iris:
black iris1.JPG (122092 bytes)
Blue Flag:
blue flag 1.JPG (120922 bytes)
Siberian Iris:
siberian1.JPG (125051 bytes)
Jersey Iris:
jersey iris2.JPG (128093 bytes)
This is the fruit of a "Glory Bower," picture taken in October, 2008.
glory bower 2.JPG (123340 bytes)
There's more of this plant at Glory Bower.
And a close-up: