A Week at The Beach
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When people say "We're going to the beach." they always know which beach they mean, and usually they figure whoever they're talking to knows, too.
To us, for instance, "Edisto Beach" is redundant. The fact that Spellchecker wants to say "deist" rather than "Edisto" seems appropriate, too.
We try to go at least every year - a number of family get together and rent a house for a week or so.
We've been often enough now that the rentals are starting to repeat.
This is one of the recent ones:
beach house.JPG (24569 bytes)
There's always a lot to do at the beach, but never too much.
There's playing in the surf:
surfing.JPG (28839 bytes)
or there's  a good book:
a good book.JPG (22548 bytes)
There's even Be Kind to Seagulls Day
feedinggulls II.JPG (18340 bytes)
feeding gulls I.JPG (15425 bytes)
although that sort of thing can have the unintended consequences:
gulls on roof.JPG (19893 bytes)