Privet Problems
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There are more than a few introduced species in our woods and swamps. Some, like the sawtooth oaks that the hunters planted along the edge of the power line, are fairly benign, even beneficial. At least they will add to the hard mast and so help to offset the increased load of the feral hogs. Sounds good, anyway.
There's not much good to say about Chinese Privet, though. An escaped ornamental, it crowds out everybody. It's bad enough coming up weed-like in all our yards, but down in the swamp, with fertile soil and plenty to drink, it is epically invasive.
When a few clumps of it started to give the grape vines a leg-up to the sawtooth oaks Ol' Stoney had to take steps.
The privet and grape vines had chinaberry back-up.....
but when Ol' Stoney wades in
they will not stand.